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What TECHCO does and how we can support you.

Software Engineering &
web factory

Our italian software engineers develope new software technologies for WEB and LAN applications. Senior engineers from Italian Ordine degli Ingegneri certified products only. But wait, you need a website? Our web factory will deliver any WEB site or CRM with cyber security assitance, hosting, GDPR compliance and cookies managment.

Digital marketing & more

Through an analytical approach we define the best cross-media strategies to face today's digital challenges. The continuous analysis of scenarios, markets and customers allows us to be the lever that allows our partners to grow in a world that puts companies in front of new challenges every day.The "Press Office" sector deals with planning communication and marketing strategies with the press, to support and complete advertising actions. Establishing and strengthening the dialogue with the newsrooms means multiplying one's visibility.

Cyber Crimes Investigations

Open Source intelligence, email parsing, network & log analysis and more. We help citizens and companies to defend their rights. We support lawyers during penal procedure at Procura della Repubblica and Italian penal Court.

Cyber security

Vulnerability assessment analysis in order to discover system security weakness. We monitor and scan your website, your company/home LAN, WIFI and devices to protect you and your business from cyber attacks.


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